Facial Masculinization Surgery Procedures Explained

Facial masculinization surgery (FMS) is a selection of surgeries done to offer transgender men a more masculine-appearing face. There are several surgeries to choose from, each of which provides a different benefit. In most cases, plastic surgeons provide this type of surgery but a deep understanding of the aesthetic qualities of an attractive male face are needed. We’ll look at the most common surgeries that are a part of FMS, so you can determine if any of them are something you are seeking.

Forehead Augmentation & Lengthening:

During this procedure, the surgeon will enhance the forehead to appear more masculine by lengthening or augmentation surgery. For the former, the surgery helps build distance between the hairline and brows. The latter enlarges the forehead to appear more masculine. Both add angular qualities to the face of the patient.

Cheek Augmentation:

In most cases, cheek augmentation requires the use of implants which are inserted into your skin and bone. This is done to give you cheeks that are more proportionate and male-shaped. After having this surgery, your face may look more chiseled and angular than before.


A rhinoplasty surgery for FTM patients works to increase the width and projections of the nose to make it more masculine. In some cases, this may also involve increasing the prominence of the bridge of the nose or altering the profile of the nose. For this type of surgery, it’s essential that your surgeon has an artistic eye and awareness of the male aesthetic.

Chin Recontouring:

For men who have a weak chin, the chin recontours (or genioplasty) can build it into a more angular and masculine chin. Sometimes implants will be used but other times the surgeon will simply reshape your facial skeleton to moving or altering chin bone. In many cases, this surgery is done in tandem with jaw countering.

Jaw Contouring & Augmentation:

With contouring and augmentation (also called jaw reshaping), the area between the neck and lower face are masculinized by enlarging the margins of your jaw. In some cases, implants are used as part of jaw augmentation. Jaw contouring can define your face and masculinize the width and proportions of your face. In many cases, this procedure is done as the same time as a chin augmentation.

There are many types of FMS available for transmen and cismen who want to masculinize their faces further. At The International Center for Transgender Care, we offer all of the outlined surgeries among others. To learn more about our staff and us, you can visit www.TheTransCenter.com.

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