Weighing The Cost Of Purchasing A Hydraulic Rock Drill

As a large, well-established drilling or excavation service to a smaller startup landscaping, fencing or construction company, making the decision to invest in equipment is always a dilemma.

This can be particularly an issue for smaller companies where investing in equipment has a significant impact on the budget. Knowing what to buy and if it is going to offer the return on investment expected is always a challenge, but it is possible to anticipate with a good degree of accuracy the cost and efficiency benefits of the purchase of a hydraulic rock drill.

Percentage of Work Related to Rock Drilling

In virtually every area of the United States, there are areas where the rock or rocky soil becomes a problem when drilling, digging and planning construction projects. By carefully considering how often a hydraulic rock drill would be used in your typical types of contracts or work with customers, it is possible to calculate how long it will take the drill to pay for itself and start to make your business a profit.
However, there are other factors to consider as well. By taking the big picture view on having a rock drill in the equipment inventory, it is easy to see how just the percentage of current work is not the only factor to consider.

Rental Costs

When a rock drill isn’t part of the inventory of the company, smaller businesses and even large equipment services may turn to rentals for a hydraulic rock drill for a given job.

This creates a cost that has to be counted against the profits for the job. Additionally, there is the time needed to pick up and drop off the drill, and then there is the issue of the quality and reliability of rental equipment. Finally, relying on rental equipment also means running the risk of drills not being available for the dates needed, which may delay project completion or even result in the loss of a job.

When making this type of comparison, it becomes evident that the cost of a hydraulic drill is really a benefit for any size of company.

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