Pork Skin Chews For Dogs: A Healthy And Tasty Treat

Does your dog seem discontent with his/her treats? Are you not quite happy with their chewing experience? Do you simply want more for your dog than a “good chew?” If any of the above describes you and your dog, why not try an alternative – pork skin chews. For dogs, this might be a way of chewing healthy and safety while keeping boredom at bay.

The Science Behind Pork Skin Chews

For those who want their dog to enjoy a chew but also wish to avoid the problems often associated with such products as cheap rawhide, the answer could well be pork skin chews. Research indicates several advantages of pork skin chews for dogs over other products such as rawhide. Studies from 2012 and 2014 indicate:

1. Immediate Digestibility: When compared to beef rawhide dog chews, pork skin chews exhibit a higher rate of digestibility. In fact, 6 hours following the eating of pork skin chews, the gastric rate of breakdown was 50%. Compare this to the 7.6% for beef rawhide chews. Even after 24 hours had elapsed, rawhide rates remained at only between 50 and 70% while the pork skins had achieved close to 100% digestibility

2. Overall Digestibility: Over time, the regular ingestion of one pork skin chew a day resulted in increased digestibility of the dog’s entire food intake.

Although the study samples are small and further research is indicated, the basic results of these studies do indicate the superiority of pork skin chews for dogs over other rawhide chews. However, the basic results from these two scientific studies do clearly indicate the digestive benefits of feeding on a regular basis.

Pork Skin Chews For Dogs

If you are looking for a healthy and tasty chew, consider pork skin chews. For dogs, these can be an enjoyable and satisfying chew. For you, this is a means of preventing boredom, preventing unwanted behavior and providing a satisfying and safe chewing experience.

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