Weed Control in Spokane Helps Lawns Stay Healthy

Weeds are a source of contention among homeowners and agricultural experts alike. While most homeowners don’t appreciate the prevalence of weeds like crabgrass, dandelions and clover in their lawns, agriculturists and other biodiversity experts do point out some benefits weeds offer. A homeowner can become very confused as to whether to call on a company to handle weed control in Spokane to methodically kill each weed that pops up in a lawn, or just sit back and allow the weeds to take over the lawn. There are reasons for each viewpoint.

A weed such as a dandelion may put out bright yellow flowers, but it also produces thousands upon thousands of seeds once the flower goes to seed. Those seeds quickly settle into the soil nearby and prolifically create new dandelions. Dandelions, clover, crabgrass, chickweed and other types of weeds that thrive in the Spokane area can take over a lawn so quickly it’s startling. If they aren’t controlled when they first appear, the weeds will soon make up more than 50 percent of the lawn, if not closer to 100 percent of it. Even if only a few weeds are present, they compete with the grass and even shrubs for vital nutrients and moisture. Many experts say a healthy lawn is one that is free of weeds.

There are some reasons a homeowner might want to allow a few weeds to grow in a lawn. In particular, agricultural experts point to the important role clover, dandelions and similar weeds found in the common lawn play in the lives of pollinators, most typically honey bees and native bees. These pollinators draw pollen and nectar from the plants and convert them into the proteins and carbohydrates they need to live and to thrive. Without bees, many of a homeowner’s flowers and shrubs could not produce their blossoms and foliage each year.

Most homeowners, however, are primarily interested in keeping a lawn as free of weeds as possible. Weed Control in Spokane typically is handled by experts who apply lawn treatments that won’t inadvertently hurt the lawn cover and flowers growing nearby. Spokane ProCare is ready to help homeowners deal with unwanted weeds that make their lawns look less than attractive. Contact us for help in removing the weeds that aren’t wanted.

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