Water Sport Activities in Inflatable Tubes Nationwide

Summer is not done yet and neither should be your fun on the water. If you have not gotten out yet to play on inflatable tubes whether on a river, lake, or in a pool, now is your last chance to make some great memories. Here are some fun ideas for activities with float tubes.

River Floating

Getting in some river float tubes and taking the afternoon to just float down a river is a tradition each year in some communities. It is a fun way to get outside, relax, hang out with friends, and enjoy the scenery. You can tie your river float tubes together to stay close with each other or tie on a cooler to keep your food and drinks close in case you want to stop off on an island for lunch.

Lake Floating

If instead you have access to a lake rather than a river, an inflatable tube is no less an ideal accessory to take with you! In addition to just splashing around and goofing off with friends and family, you can also hook your tube up to a boat and take it for a spin!


Even if you would just like to relax on the water with little to no exertion, a tube on the lake or in a pool will do the job. Lay back, put your feet up, and let your cares float away from you.

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