Water Damage Restorations In Bowie Should Be Performed As Quickly As Possible After An Event

Water damage to any home or business should seek the assistance of Water Damage Restorations in Bowie as quickly as possible after a water event has occurred. Mold can develop within 48 hours after any type of water damage. The chance of mold can be eliminated or reduced by a rapid response to water damage. A water damage restoration company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with the removal and cleaning process. It’s important for them to determine the type of water that caused the damage for an accurate assessment. Different types of water dictate what type of cleaning and disinfecting method should be used.

Whatever type of water that has saturated an area should be stopped as quickly as possible. If the water was gray water from a toilet or a drain, it would require a more thorough cleaning and disinfecting than clear water from a tap. Flood waters can also carry a variety of bacteria that could affect someone’s health and also requires special cleaning. After the water has been stopped, it’s important for Water Damage Restorations in Bowie to begin the removal of the water from any areas that are affected. If there is a delay in removing the water, mold can begin to develop and will travel throughout a building in the air or the ventilation unit.

Thoroughly drying a structure is the most important thing to be performed after water damage has occurred. Items such as carpeting, upholstered furniture, drapes, clothing and other items that will retain moisture should be removed immediately. Large fans and dehumidifiers will be put into a building and the HVAC unit may be turned off to limit the spread of any mold spores. Mold remediation will have additional costs if it develops within a building. Water restoration companies will work with insurance companies and prepare all of the necessary paperwork. In addition, they will attempt to salvage any items that can be cleaned, disinfected and returned to their original status.

ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services can provide both water and mold remediation services. They’ve been a leader in the industry and understand the importance of water removal, mold remediation and restoration of a structure.

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