Watch for Foundation Problems in Houston, TX

No matter if your home was recently built or has stood on your property for over a hundred years, foundation problems can happen at any time for a wide range of reasons. Water seeping in through cracks, walls bowing, or walls crumbling are all symptoms of a serious issue with your foundation. Once you notice the signs, it is time to call a reputable foundation repair company for help, and there is no other place to look than beautiful Houston, TX. Once you get a professional in your home for an estimate, it should be only a matter of time before your foundation is repaired and your home returned to normal.

Slanted Mortar Joints

The best and simplest way to spot foundation problems in Houston, TX is to measure mortar joints. If you watch a mason at work, you are likely to notice that he or she is constantly measuring and re-measuring to ensure that everything is level while he or she works. Houston foundation problems make themselves known when you check on the lines of your brickwork. If you notice anything out of place along the exterior of your home, it is likely that there has been some shifting down below.

Visible Cracks

Unless you just experienced a severe earthquake, you should not expect to find a sudden crack in any of your exterior walls. These cracks typically appear in a pattern as a settling foundation pulls on the wall from below, causing mortar to give under the pressure. This unique cracking is called stair-step cracks and it is a serious and fairly obvious sign that you have some foundation problems that need to be addressed. While it is not always possible to know this until the crack appears, be sure to check the mortar joints on your exterior walls whenever you remember to just to be sure. You may yet catch an issue before you have to repair the side of your home.

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