Warehouse Setup for Competitive Advantage

If you read our blog, you’ll know that we firmly believe that your warehouse should be a source of competitive advantage for your business. If you move goods through your warehouse more quickly than your competitors, you’ll have lower inventory holding costs, and be able to offer lower prices. That’s the competitive advantage you need in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.

But a warehouse that works that well does not happen by accident. To gain competitive advantage from your warehouse, you need to design that warehouse properly from the beginning, with your specific business needs in mind.

A warehouse is a complex facility, a combination of space, humans, robots, software and hardware. When all of these are working in harmony towards the same objective, it is a thing of beauty. The world’s best companies make that harmony a core element of competitive advantage. When these different components of a warehouse are not working together with alignment, that’s when you start to suffer. Deliveries are late, or lost, Customers are calling you, demanding answers. This is why you need warehouse setup by experienced warehouse professionals.

Warehouse setup is the source of competitive advantage that people don’t talk about. Yet, warehouse setup is where satisfied customers come from. Great warehouse setup allows for orders to be fulfilled almost instantly, with perfect accuracy. From the customer perspective, there is nothing better. And here’s the rub – the customer doesn’t care that much about your warehouse setup, they only care about the results.

But you care. You want a profitable business, and you want one that you can build to scale. Building a warehouse from the ground up, with professional warehouse setup, is exactly how you achieve this ideal.

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