Shock Your Pool, but Don’t Shock Your Jacuzzi

The only thing better than a hotel with a pool is one with a pool and a jacuzzi.  The only thing better than a jacuzzi by the pool is a jacuzzi on the balcony of a hotel suite.  As a hotel owner, you are wise to invest in hot tubs.  There are a few things you should know, however, about Commercial Pool Cleaning Products for jacuzzies.  The Swimming Pool Supplies required for a swimming pool are different from the Swimming Pool Chemicals necessary for a jacuzzi.  You know just when and how to shock your pool.  Whether you call this new addition to your hotel a hot tub, a spa, or a jacuzzi, one thing is certain.  It is very different from a pool, and it does not require the same Commercial Pool Cleaners.

How to Clean Your Jacuzzi

Pulsar has all the chemicals you need to clean your swimming pool or jacuzzi.  Chlorine is the main chemical used to keep both swimming pools and hot tubs clean.  The chlorine for hot tubs comes in granule or tablet form. There are also chlorine tablets for pools, but they are not interchangeable with the ones for jacuzzies.

Bromine is another chemical that will be familiar to people who have used Swimming Pool Supplies.  In hot tubs, bromine tablets usually go in a floating filter.  Mineral purifiers and ozonators can be used in combination with chemicals to keep your jacuzzi clean.  Simply cleaning hot tubs with just minerals and ozonators does not work.  You need to add at least some chemicals, or the jacuzzi will not get clean enough.

Don’t Use Pool Chemicals in the Jacuzzi

Swimming pools and jacuzzis may look alike, but they have different requirements when it comes to cleaning chemicals.  You do not need to shock your jacuzzi the way that you shock your pool.  You might notice that jacuzzi water smells different from pool water; this is because of the different chemicals.

Ask a pool supply expert for advice about keeping your jacuzzi clean.

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