Want to Know What’s Under Your Home? Call One of the Crawl Space Companies in Kent

For the most part, homeowners don’t have any idea what may be lurking in the crawlspace underneath their home. Very often, they haven’t gone up to the attic either because it may not be the easiest place to get to. Many older homes have wonderful attics with hardwood flooring that are very nice to store clothing, memorabilia, valuables and other possessions not being used while other attics just have insulation in them. Birds, bats, rats and mice like to stay in safe places that aren’t bothered by humans or pets. Insects also like to build nests in areas like crawlspaces that aren’t frequented by any kind of animal or human.

Most crawl spaces aren’t made for someone to stand in the way they would a basement. Their purpose is for wiring, vents, and plumbing pipes and homeowners can sometimes store items the way an attic or a garage is used. In time, the crawlspace can collect large amounts of dirt, dust, and dampness, causing members of the family to get sick.

In order to stop this from happening, it’s best to call one of the Crawl Space Companies in Kent to go under the home, into the damp crawlspace, and see what needs to be done to clean it. Naturally, for people who suffer from claustrophobia, this wouldn’t be the best job for them to have. For others who aren’t bothered by tight spaces, they’ll explain to their customer exactly what needs to be done, whether there are insects down there or lots of dust and debris that needs to be removed.

Every homeowner will feel better knowing that what is underneath their feet is clean and won’t come through the vents of the home. If mold and mildew are under the home they need to be removed before the family gets sick. The Crawl Space Companies in Kent will take out old, contaminated insulation and replace it with new insulation. They will clean rodent dirt and remove other pests, and insects, and seal openings so they can’t come back in.

They’ll install insulation that’s missing from the subfloor of the home and replace old worn out duct work with new. When they’re finished, and they’ve sanitized and deodorized the crawl space, the family will breathe a breath of fresh air.

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