Victoria Vancouver Island: Ferries. Culture and Outdoor Adventures

Victoria, Vancouver Island, sits across from the shores of British Columbia’s largest city – Vancouver. It is a popular destination for residents of BC as well as visitors from around the world. Getting there is part of what makes Victoria a vibrant, beautiful city. It is a place apart from the rest of BC. It has its own unique character – one suited for its favourite mode of transportation – the ferry.

The Ferry

Many people arrive in Victoria Vancouver Island, not by plane but by water. They use the BC ferry system or a private for of water transport. While this does not take them to downtown Victoria, it does add a certain level of separation to a visit. A ferry brings you to Swartz Bay terminal. As you sail over the water, you can easily find yourself divorcing your mind from everyday life, allowing your spirit to roam freely – as liberated as the whales and other marine life you may see as you enter the terminal.

Entering Victoria, Vancouver Island

From the Victoria Vancouver Island terminal, your journey to the city. Here, in what is surely the mildest climate in all of Canada, you can find cultural events and view the artistic endeavours of this city – from street art to massive exhibits at the Art Gallery of Greater Vancouver. You can enjoy a stroll in the enchanting and famous Butchart Gardens, devour a seafood diner, freshly caught and prepared, visit any one of the many different nightclubs or bars, and attend any one of the city’s 100 plus festivals.

Fun things abound in Victoria. You can also escape to the area surrounding it. Even take a ferry up the coast to get a better idea of how natural the rest of the island actually is. Beautiful and historic, yet modern and lively, Victoria Vancouver Island can be your destination, or it can be your starting point for many natural adventures.

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