Veterinary Emergency And Critical Care in Oregon Are CLose at Hand

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Health & Fitness

Taking on the responsibilities that go along with welcoming an animal companion into your life should include making sure that they have the kind of medical care that they deserve. That means making sure that they have all of their vaccinations and regular checkups, but it also means seeing that they receive only the best treatment in case of emergencies like accidents or illnesses. In order to prepare yourself for such an eventuality, you need to locate a reliable, reputable, caring facility that can provide quality Veterinary Emergency And Critical Care in Oregon.

Some things to look for when you are searching for a good full-service veterinary clinic would include 24/7 availability. We all know that medical emergencies aren’t limited to regular business hours, so being able to walk in with an emergency at any hour is a major plus. You never know for sure exactly what type of medical emergency your special family member is going to experience, so a facility with professionals who can handle a wide variety of medical specialities is preferable. A well-equipped clinic will help to give your pet a better chance of being diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, so that is also on the list. Since emergencies often require surgery, having qualified animal surgeons available can be invaluable.

A prime example of expert Veterinary Emergency And Critical Care in Oregon would be WestVet Oregon since they are recognized as the first and only integrated emergency and veterinary specialty hospital in the region. Their state-of-the-art facility has all of the equipment and technology necessary to support veterinary oncology, surgery, emergency medicine, and veterinary ophthalmology with the support of in-house diagnostic laboratory tests, x-ray, oxygen support, and even a CT scanner. Their board certified small animal surgeons have extensive experience and expertise in orthopedics, general surgery, and spinal surgery. Their Veterinary ophthalmologists are able to perform cataract, and corneal surgeries. To ensure that your animal companion always receives the care he or she deserves, they are a true twenty-four hour veterinary emergency and Specialty center where no appointments are ever necessary for prompt professional emergency care. To see what they can offer you and your special family member, take the time to Visit the Website at Website Url.


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