Various Activities That Teenagers Can Participate in as Members of a Church Youth Group

by | May 4, 2016 | Church

Many Christian adults have fond memories of being in a Church Youth Group during their teen years, and they hope their own youngsters will have similar experiences. Those groups provide opportunities for religious education, Bible study, group prayer and fellowship. Parents feel comfortable knowing their kids are socializing with other Christians and building strong friendships. Some of those friendships are bound to last a lifetime; sometimes a Christian boy and girl find their friendship blooming into a romance that eventually leads to marriage.

A Church Youth Group can become involved with special events as well. The pastors and adult volunteers help organize events such as bringing in guest speakers and creating musical and theater programs. They might chaperone a group of teenagers going on a weekend prayer retreat or a Christian conference. The teenagers might organize a short trip to see a Christian musician perform in concert or to hear a Christian comedian. Since teenagers are typically surrounded by secular music, TV, and other entertainment, these activities can feel particularly beneficial and rewarding.

At a church such as Word of Life in Honolulu, the young people learn about effectively sharing the word of God with others and participating in ministry as a layperson. They can do this during charitable volunteer work, with music and staying on the path of the Christian lifestyle. Other teens are drawn to the serenity and confidence displayed by young persons who know that God is with them at all times. Visit the website for information on this particular organization and to start getting involved.

A group of teenagers may start attending church together if their parents don’t attend as regularly as they would like. Many persons in this age group become truly passionate about their Christian life and start wanting to attend services more than once a week. They become immersed in the faith and long for a deeper relationship with the Lord, and they know they can support their faith by being with similar-minded young people. They’ll discover books to read that answer some of the tough questions and help them with choices teenagers face. You can like them on Facebook.

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