How to Choose the Right Church for Your Wedding in Jacksonville

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Church

One of the most important decisions is deciding where to hold your wedding. Many couples are guided by their beliefs when choosing a church. Church wedding venues in Jacksonville, FL, set the tone for the type of wedding you want to have. Several questions tend to come to mind when making your choice.

Sentimental Value

Many couples choose a church that has some meaning to them. It gives you the thrill to get married somewhere that has sentimental value. You may want a church with a specific design, such as wrought iron panels and silver organ pipes to the ceiling.


It helps to choose church wedding venues in Jacksonville, FL, that are accessible to your guests. If possible, the church should have several parking options and be near your reception hall. It also helps to provide directions in your invitations.

Number of Guests

If you have a large wedding, you need a church to accommodate your guests. Some couples allow their parents to invite guests, which can add up quickly. Basilicas and cathedrals are best suited to hold a huge wedding.

When planning your wedding, you must find ways to save money and ease your burden. Some churches have a fellowship hall that can be used for your reception, bridesmaid luncheon, or reception dinner. If you can have your wedding and reception in the same place, then it will cut down on needing transportation to get between the different venues. Contact Riverside Baptist Church at Sitename for a tour and a chance to talk to the pastor.

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