Value Your Valuables — Hire a Moving Company in Louisville

Relocating your home or office can be stressful, but hiring a moving company can alleviate a lot of hassle. When seeking the right company, it is important to do some research to make sure the one you hire will be reliable, experienced and have a reputation for taking great care in packing and delivering your possessions in an efficient manner.

Finding That Perfect Fit
Sure they boast a website and a storefront, but just because a business owns a fleet of trucks does not mean they are the right moving company. Louisville and its surrounding metro areas yield some established family-owned and operated businesses with such a reputation — you just have to do some homework.

Check the Better Business Bureau and look for an “A” rating and long-distance relocation services, look online to see if the moving company is affiliated with United Van Lines, a very recognized name in moving. Check to see the company has received both a “Top Hauler” and a “Fleet Safety” award, which determines quality performance and risk management levels.

Estimates Should Be Easy
A moving company thrives on building its customer base, and the right one should make it painless for you to find out the overall cost of their services. For local or long distance residential moves, its staffers should be able to ask a few questions and provide a free quote. Many Louisville moving companies have websites with valuable information and are readily available to provide you with an estimate over the phone.

Keeping Possessions Safe and Secure
Moving companies have great responsibility in making sure your possessions remain safe and secure. To ensure they value your valuables, look for a company that provides access to a personal movie coordinator and custom packing and unpacking services. Some also provide long- and short-term storage facilities. But make sure those facilities are equipped with alarms, after-hours security personnel, fire suppression systems, ventilation and vaulted storage.

Tracking Your Move
Logistics services are key to putting your mind at ease. With real-time tracking, you can ping where all of your assets are at any given time. When you are asking for a free quote, ask if the company uses inventory management technology, which uses bar code scanning and GPS communications to provide a visible tracking system.

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