Using Hardwood Floor Cleaner in San Antonio TX

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Cleaning

When someone has hardwood floors in their home, they will want to take the needed steps in keeping it looking nice for years to come. Wood flooring is an investment that will look great when maintenance is done routinely in its care. Here are some steps that can be taken to protect a hardwood floor surface so it retains its original look.

It is important to remove any debris from a hardwood floor right away. If it is left in place, there is a chance someone will track it over the surface, possibly scratching it in the process. To avoid dirt and sand from scratching the floor, a vacuum should be used to remove debris. A soft-bristled brush attachment works best as it will be gentle on the floor. It should be held a little above the floor to help keep it from dirtying the surface further.

After particles are removed, the floor can be wiped using a Hardwood Floor Cleaner in San Antonio TX. A solution made especially for hardwood would work best as it is recommended not to use water on this type of floor. If water remains on hardwood, it can lead to wood rot or warping. Hardwood floor cleaner is made in a way that it will not cause these flaws to occur. Simply wipe the cleaner over the surface of the floor and dry it with a clean piece of cloth to remove the solution afterwards.

Adding a protective layer to a hardwood floor is best. This can be applied by hand and will make the floor resistant to scratching or moisture wear. It is best to add a sealant each year for the best results. If flaws are noticeable on a hardwood floor, it may need to be refinished to eliminate them entirely.

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