Using an Electric Chain Hoist Makes Heavy Lifting Easier

An electric chain hoist can be found in use as a lifting solution across a number of industrial applications. Wherever there’s a situation in which heavy objects must be lifted, chain hoists are generally the solution.

Maintenance and Inspection of Hoists
An electric chain hoist is designed to be durable, but regular inspection and maintenance must be performed in order to ensure a long life and safe use. There are a number of points to keep in mind:

 * Keep chains clean and free of rust.
 * Oil all bearing points. Depending on the amount of use the hoist gets, the hoist should be dismantled, and the bearing points oiled one every year or two.
 * Keep all gears free of grit and sand, which also requires dismantling and greasing once cleaning is done.
 * Check chain quality regularly. A chain that is worn, kinked or stretched needs to be replaced. Load chains that have become straight and stiff to flex should also be replaced. A stretched chain will not run smoothly.

Things to Consider
The application for which an electric chain hoist is used will greatly influence not only the model of the product but in some cases the additional components used to keep the hoist working its best. For instance, in the case of food processing or food packing facilities, food grade hoists are used. These hoists must use food grade lubricants on the gears and chain, and they must comply with FDA standards.

Another consideration is motor power – demanding applications will require a more powerful motor. And there are situations in which a hoist will need to be transported – for instance, in the case of traveling theatre companies or other performance-based applications. These hoists need to be powerful enough to move lights and scenery, but compact and portable so as to allow for easy movement from one location to another.

An electric chain hoist makes business easier and safer across a number of industries. Finding the right hoist from a reputable supplier, along with routine maintenance and inspection, should have a quality product working as good as new for years to come and result in safer operations.

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