Uses for Laser Cutting in Auburn WA

Laser Cutting Auburn WA is a process by which thicker metals can be cut. A computer directs a laser output to the metal sheets, piping, or other structural components. The capacity is high enough to cut aluminum up to one-half inch of thickness; stainless steel at three-quarters of an inch thick, and one-inch thick carbon steel. The material may vaporize away, melt, burn, or get blown away using a jet of gas along with the laser. The precision is such that a high-quality finish is left on the remaining surface. The cutter is large, powerful, and generates a lot of heat. Precautions have to be taken for fire safety due to flying embers and pieces of material. Many shops, especially smaller ones, do not have the space or the ability to generate enough power to operate a laser cutting machine.

Most Laser Cutting Auburn WA is outsourced to metal distributors and processors, like Specialty Metals, for example. Businesses, contractors, metal fabricators and individuals can purchase the metal needed, and have it cut to any lengths or specifications. It provides individuals a means to have pieces custom cut and saves businesses and contractors time and money when thicker metal pieces are required. Some metal fabrication companies will have the thicker pieces laser cut when they are ordered, pick them up, and then continue working on production orders or custom pieces from that stage. That saves additional time on projects, helping businesses meet deadlines. Ornamental fences, for example, may be ordered cut to a certain length, and the contractor or developer will have decorative posts added to complete the look of the fencing.

Most distributors have carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in stock in many forms, such as bars, piping, tubes, sheets, and plates. That means that most orders can be cut and ready to be picked up the same day. In addition to those metals, alloys and composites are also in stock, as are specialty metals, such as nickel, titanium, and copper metal roofing among others. Customers can Visit the website for a complete list of metals in stock, to learn about cutting capacities, and find out what other services are offered.

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