Unique Approaches to Counseling Services in Chalfont PA

When most people think of Counseling Services in Chalfont PA, they think of an office with comfortable chairs. The very idea of being in a closed room with a counselor will prevent many people from seeking any type of counseling services. They anticipate feeling trapped, self-conscious, under pressure, and vulnerable. Many people cannot sit still for any length of time, let alone sit in a chair and be the center of attention for the better part of an hour. Some do not seek to counsel because they have busy schedules, no transportation, or no one to watch their children. Situations can provide excuses for those avoiding dealing with issues, but can also present legitimate concerns that can hinder seeking help.

Experienced counselors, like Mary V. Shull Counseling, for example, strive to find ways to make Counseling Services in Chalfont PA more comfortable and convenient for those who want and need professional help. Whether people are dealing with issues of anxiety, sexual abuse, grief, and loss, or stress management, sessions will be more successful if people are relaxed in the setting. There are a couple of unique approaches to services that are available. One is “Walk and Talk” therapy that takes place on a public path in farm country. Individuals, couples, or families participant in a leisurely stroll with the counselor while working out issues. It is ideal for those who cannot sit still and for those who want a more casual atmosphere. Walking and talking helps with breathing, clears the mind, and provides minor distractions that can make people feel more at ease. The path is quiet and peaceful, and people are more likely to encounter squirrels and deer, than other humans while walking.

Another unique way of service delivery is through the internet. Sessions can be conducted via Skype from anywhere people feel comfortable. It can be the office, home, university, the beach or park, or during a business trip. People can fit counseling into their schedules, not have to worry about transportation or child care costs, and be comfortable in their favorite setting. There are always ways to receive counseling services for those who wish to regain control of their feelings, lives, and overall health.

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