Use Drilling Machines? 6 Tips to Help You Stay Safe at Work

Carbide drill bit options make for a tougher and more durable option. However, if you’re new to working with drill bits and cutting tools, here are must-follow safety reminders to help you stay safe on the job:

Always wear eye protection

That might seem like a given but you’d be surprised at how many people skip it, much to their detriment. By keeping your eyes protected, you won’t have to worry about errant debris or material getting into your eye and affecting your vision.

Check for looseness

Take the time to check the drill chuck. Is it tightly in place? If there’s any looseness, that could lead to a bit of slippage. Avoid that at all costs by checking the chuck before and after every use. That’s going to help keep accidents at bay.

Keep a firm grip

You’ll want to grip the drill firmly to prevent any accidents. If you’re having trouble holding it with a steady and firm grip, you might want to consider taking a day off work. If you aren’t at peak health, using a drill machine could lead to accidents and injuries.

Keep it clean

Be sure to clean the drilling machine after every use. Get rid of any debris stuck in the bits. Once everything is clean, time to put the tools and its parts in the proper storage. Taking these steps will help ensure a longer service life for your tools.

Never apply sideways pressure

Apply pressure on the drilling machine in the right way. To avoid breakage, keep yourself from apply pressure sideways. Otherwise, this could lead to accidents and possible unit damage.

Buy from a reliable source

Carbide drill bit options are often sharper, tougher and last longer, says How Stuff Works. That’s why it’s wise to go for reputable suppliers. You can count on your drill bits to last when they’re from a trustworthy supplier.

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