UPS Battery Maintenance: Keeping The System Running Smoothly

Today, many communication structures and computer systems across the United States – including Wisconsin and Maine, have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This device plays a very important role in ensuring the ongoing health and integrity of the operation of your system under specific circumstances. The most vulnerable component of any UPS is its battery. In order to prevent failure, and what this entails, it is very important to institute a regular UPS battery maintenance regime.

What Does a UPS System Do?

This device performs two major roles. Its most important function is to ensure the computer continues to run a short time following a power outage. It is the backup power source. When a power failure of any sort occurs, it supplies the juice for your standby generators keeping a computer operational. Secondly, it is also responsible for protecting the computer from a power surge. However, if you neglect to maintain the UPS battery, it will not perform any of these actions

Maintenance Issues

Ongoing and correct UPS battery maintenance is imperative if you want your system to keep functioning during a power outage. Common problems you need to address consist of the following:

  • Excessive cycling
  • Improper charging
  • Lack of temperature control
  • Dirty battery tops, racking and cabinets
  • Insufficient water

Proper battery maintenance is the key to producing a positive result in your Wisconsin facility.

UPS Battery Maintenance

A UPS system is a very important component of a power supply. It cannot fulfil this role if the battery is weak. As the heart of any UPS system, it provides the requisite power supply optimally, only if it functions to its potential. Failure to ensure proper UPS battery maintenance will decrease the reliability and even availability of the overall system. To keep your system up and running smoothly and at the best of its capability, institute a maintenance regime – one designed to prevent the degradation and failure of its batteries.

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