Unexpected Things That Can Increase Your Insurance Premiums

When it comes to finding auto insurance in Illinois that meets your needs, there are many things that can impact your final premium amount, but many people are surprised to learn that the following points can play a role in this process:

* The age of your vehicle can have a tremendous impact on the final cost of your premiums. You can often get away with less coverage on an older car- provided it is not a collector’s antique vehicle- because they are not worth as much so you do not need coverage for repairs to the vehicle itself. New cares need full coverage and cost more because the banks and companies giving the loan will require full protection until the loan has been paid in full.

* Most providers of auto insurance in Illinois will ask you for some personal information in order to determine your rates. They will consider you driving record obviously but will also look at things like your credit score, your payment history, memberships you may have, your education status, your family status, and other details that can impact what premium rate they give you.

* Sometimes in some areas of the country, insurance rats can be influenced by the color of the vehicle. Red is traditionally seen as a fast, sporty car and it stands out and catches people’s attention more. It might be possible to end up paying slightly more for a vehicle with a red paint job than you would for the exact same car in a ‘safe’ color like black or white.

* The make and model of car will also impact your rates. SUVs usually cost more than a simple sedan type car and a convertible will cost more than a minivan in most cases.

For more help and guidance through the process of finding the right auto insurance in Illinois to meet your needs, check out Accurate Auto Insurance today and see what rates and terms they can find for you.

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