Understanding The Terms Used in Bail Bonding in Lakeland

Bail bonds are a way to help someone who cannot afford to pay the full bail amount to secure their release. However, Bail Bonding in Lakeland does include terms the arrested person must follow to avoid having the bond revoked. It’s important for them to understand the terms of the bond and the potential penalties if they do not follow the terms of the bond.

Learn What the Terms Are

An arrested person out on bond must know what terms they need to follow. Most often, terms will include avoiding another arrest, adhering to restrictions on their release, and attending all of their hearings. The arrested person should obtain a copy of the bond to learn all of the terms they need to follow and speak with a bondsman if they have any questions about the terms of the bond.

What Happens if Terms are Followed

The terms of the bond are enforced until the arrested person’s hearings have concluded. If the terms of the bond are followed, the bondsman receives a refund on the bail paid. There is only a service fee for the bond service and no other money will be owed at the end of the bond. The person who secured the bond will receive their collateral back if they secured the bond using collateral.

What Happens if Terms Aren’t Followed

If the terms of the bond are not followed, the bondsman will not receive a refund of the funds used for the bail. There will likely be a bench warrant put out for the arrest of the person and the family member or friend who secured the bond will be required to forfeit their collateral or pay the remaining bail amount. These are done so the bondsman can recoup the funds spent on the bail.

When you’re in need of a bond, make sure you understand the terms involved in Bail Bonding in Lakeland and understand what can happen if the terms are not followed. This makes a difference in the outcome of the situation and there can be severe penalties for failing to follow the terms. For more information, speak with a bondsman from Fast & Reliable Bail Bond Service now.

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