Advanced Fabric Cutting Equipment Benefits a Wide Variety of Industries

Whether your business falls in the automotive, medical, pool, spa or aerospace industry there are plenty of applications that can benefit from technological advancements in fabric cutting equipment. This is particularly true when you consider the potential for acceleration during prototyping and production processes. Allowing you to save significant amounts of time, resulting in more efficient manufacturing methods and increased sales. Additionally, when you choose a large fabric cutting table with digital capabilities you can also improve the quality of the products you have to offer. As tangible guides, templates, and dies are no longer a necessity.

Eliminate the Need for Tangible Guides and Manual Cutting

Over time, dies or pattern templates can suffer damage due to overuse which can often result in lack of quality in cut parts. Companies like AutoMetrix have opted to solve this issue by implementing software that allows dies and patterns to be stored and applied digitally. Providing operators that advantage of precise cuts for a high quality product every time. Pair that with eliminating the time consuming need to recreate deteriorated patterns, you are left with the ability to produce maximum yield with little to no interruption to your workflow. Allowing you to save even more time and money in the long run.

Safer Cutting Processes Make for Happier Employees

Additionally, automated cutting tables provide a significantly safer work environment for operators. Whether its leather, canvas, vinyl or sail cloth machines like the Argon Cutting Table allow you to eliminate the need for repetitive motions that manual pattern cutting requires. Which results in fewer worker’s compensation claims, and happier employees overall. If you are in the market for a large fabric cutting table, consider the options that AutoMetrix has to offer. Regardless of application, they are sure to have the equipment and software that your company needs to improve productivity, quality, and employee satisfaction. Check out their website to learn more about their products, or request to request a customized cutting solutions report.

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