Understanding the Importance of Lawn Fertilizing in Kansas City MO

Having a lush green lawn in spring and summer requires a few different steps. When a homeowner wants to ensure their lawn growth will be healthy, it is important they seek Lawn Fertilizing in Kansas City MO. Many homeowners rely on the professionals to ensure their fertilizing is done to exacting standards. Using too much or the wrong kind of fertilizer can end up causing decreased growth and even grass death so it is wise to allow the professionals to carry out the work.

Important Nutrients Found in Fertilizer

There are different types of fertilizer blends that can be used for Lawn Fertilizing in Kansas City MO. A professional landscaping company is trained to know which types work best for each type of grass. The following are the most important nutrients found in fertilizer blends.

Potassium helps to strengthen the grass cell walls which is crucial for protecting against damage caused by drought, foot traffic, and disease. This nutrient is crucial for strong grass that will stand up throughout the long summer.

Nitrogen is vital for a green lawn. Without the right level of nitrogen, the grass will not be a bright green color and will be paler or even slightly yellowed. Nitrogen should be included in any fertilizer mix for a beautiful green lawn.

Phosphorus works in two ways. It stimulates the growth of the roots so the grass has a strong root system in place. Phosphorous also stimulates the growth of the grass, creating thick growth that fills in every area of the lawn, making it lush.

Benefits of Fertilizing a Lawn

There are many benefits to hiring a professional for lawn fertilizing services. Understanding the benefits will help a homeowner to know why it is so important they seek these services.

* Fewer mud puddles or bald areas

* Effective weed control

* Effective pest control

* Call Today to Get Started

Homeowners who want a beautiful lawn in summer need to think about fertilizing. For more information on these valuable services, visit. They offer a wide array of services to help homeowners keep their lawns beautiful and free of pests.

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