How Electric Sub Meter Installation Will Save Money

When it comes to meter reading, most of the major utility companies have all transitioned to what is commonly known as smart meters. This means that they have provided on all of the properties they service, allowing for independent and automatic meter reading and billing services.

Non-municipal class utilities can also benefit from this technology. While there will be an initial cost to upgrade old, manual read types of meters to the new electric sub meter installation options, the benefits will quickly offset this cost.

To help to understand how these smart meters on water systems for commercial and multifamily residential properties save money, a closer look at the benefits will be very helpful.

Accurate Readings

Once smart meters are installed, each month will provide an accurate reading of the exact volume of water that was used by the unit. This accuracy in readings means less time in trying to correct errors that can occur with manual reading and recording inaccuracies.

Additionally, without the need for alternate month estimates, there is less time spent in explaining billing cycles to customers. This frees up staff to focus on what is needed and to avoid multiple calls over billing disputes.

Tamper-proof Meters

One often overlooked benefit to electric sub meter installation is the use of meters that cannot be tampered with. Any attempt to change or modify the meter can be quickly detected, saving the utility in loss from theft or fraud.

Real-time Monitoring

Smart meters are designed to send data on usage reports on a specific schedule. This can be customized based on the needs of the utility. With just a quick glance at the information, the utility or property manager can quickly see any irregular use patterns that may indicate problems with plumbing systems and leaks in pipes that may take weeks to identify without the technology.

This also ensures that vacant properties are not recording water use, which could signal leaks, taps left on or even illegal use of the property. Some systems allow usage outside a range to be flagged for easy notification, ensuring the property owner is aware of the change.

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