Understanding The Goal Of Nutrition Counseling

In traditional types of medicines, particularly Eastern medicine practices, diet has always been linked to physical health as well as emotional and mental well-being. In the last few decades, Western medicine has come to embrace this perspective, with a greater understanding of the role that diet plays in preventing illnesses, promoting good health and also in addressing mental health issues.

Nutritional counseling provides individuals with a structured method of understanding their relationship with food and how the choices they make, impact their life. This is often a very complex issue with specific foods being seen as “comfort” foods or different eating habits viewed as “good” or “bad.”

By working with a nutrition counselor, individuals in New Jersey can begin to understand the relationship they have with food. This is particularly relevant to those with weight issues, chronic health conditions or for individuals that are making a conscious choice to make better choices in daily life.

This is a very individual journey of discovery, and it is not the same for all people. Why some foods are the “go-to” foods when stress, anxiety, fear or sadness are felt is often directly influenced by events from childhood. Unpacking these issues will be instrumental in developing more effective and healthy food choices.

Education on Food Choices
Another important aspect of nutritional counseling is to provide one-on-one education about how food can be used to help the body. This includes understanding the importance of a balanced diet and how all food groups are necessary for health and well-being.

For those in New Jersey with food-related allergies or health conditions, the counseling will be instrumental in learning how to plan meals and make healthy choices that will benefit the body and provide the energy and nutrients required for all systems to work more effectively.

To learn more about nutritional counseling and its benefits, contact the staff at Navesink Wellness Center. Additional information on the goals of this service can be found at Website.

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