5 HVAC Maintenance Tips that Work

Keeping your HVAC unit in top form doesn’t have to be hard. Here are common maintenance tips you can follow:

Keep the Area Clear
Make sure there aren’t any shrubs or plants around your compressors. Prune them back so the area around the unit is free and clear. Remove any leaves or debris from the sides or base of the unit as well. This will help your compressors exchange hot air for cold.

Have Routine Checks
Make sure to have your system checked routinely by a heating and cooling pro in Jacksonville. Routine checks help keep your system free of system issues. It also helps catch minor problems before they get worse.

Ask for Advice
When the heating and cooling technician in Jacksonville comes over, don’t miss this opportunity to ask for tips and advice on how to run your HVAC system much more efficiently, says the HGTV. Most pros will be happy enough to give you pointers on how to keep your system in great shape.

Look Out for Signs
Knowing what signs to look out for is also important. If you see any of these happening, you can immediately take steps to get your unit checked before the damage worsens. Don’t wait for the next routine check. Put in a call to your technician right away.

Use Programmable Thermostats
Turn off the unit when you aren’t there. Use programmable thermostats so you can easily schedule when your system will go on and off. That will also help you save a lot on costs. Another handy benefit to doing this is that you don’t run your system to the ground much sooner rather than later.

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