Understanding How Window Well Grates Offer You Safety and Peace of Mind

Basements do not have to be dark and dank. They don’t have to be dimly lit or only illuminated by artificial light. Window wells allow the basement of your Parker, CO, home to benefit from natural light, providing the means to install windows in a basement. They are usually part of a basement fit-out but may be installed during initial construction in some instances. Whatever the case, they provide beauty, natural light, and a breath of fresh air. They can also be dangerous.

The Dangers of Window Wells

Window wells might offer the ability to let in fresh air and natural light into an in-ground basement, but from the surface, they are safety hazards. From the ground level, a window well is nothing but a deep hole, and it carries with it the same consequences, considerations, problems and hazards as any other hole in your yard. In fact, because of the depth of window wells, they may pose greater dangers than any other hole in your yard.

If left uncovered, window wells could collect leaves, sticks, and debris. They can also collect moisture, whether from snowmelt or rainfall. Those press up against the window, causing deterioration. They can also trap animals, including family pets, and can be dangerous for small children. Even adults can fall victim to uncovered window wells if they are unwary. Window wells can also be a point of entry to your home for burglars.

Window Well Grates Protect You

Window well grates are exactly what they sound like – custom designed metal grates that span the entire length and width of the window well. They provide a safety barrier to prevent pets and small children from accidentally falling into the window well. They can also prevent most debris from falling down the well, too. Also, because the metal is perforated and not solid, light and fresh air can still penetrate into the well, ensuring that the basement does not suffer from a lack of natural light or ventilation.

When it comes to window well covers, quality, design, and customization are important considerations. It’s vital that you work with a company in Parker, CO, that has years of experience creating custom window well grates that tie into the aesthetics of a home’s design while being strong enough to last for decades and hold up to exposure, as well as wear and tear.

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