If You’re Concerned About Carbon Monoxide, Follow These Recommendations from Alarm Manufacturers

Some people have concerns about the possible presence of carbon monoxide in their homes. Thankfully, alarm manufacturers often put out industry-recommended tips and suggestions that homeowners can follow. Following these recommendations can make you feel safer and more confident about your safety plan.

Detector Placement

When you are placing these types of devices in your home, you should follow the same rule as applies to smoke detectors. There must be one per floor of your home, with an extra one in the kitchen. For extra comfort, you may want to purchase a small, battery operated unit and place it any rooms that have gas-powered devices, such as a fireplace.

Detector Lifespan

Make sure you carefully read the user guide that comes with the detector you purchase. These guides contain important information about how to use and maintain the device. They also let you know how long the device is expected to last before you should replace it. In general, you should replace each unit after about five years of operation. If you are worried about forgetting, you can opt for a detector that has an end of life warning, as well as one that warns you when the batteries need to be changed.

Useful Features

Many companies recommend that homeowners purchase combination units, that can check for the presence of gas as well as smoke. These multi-purpose devices are often the same size as a traditional smoke detector, ensuring they fit in well with any size space. If you are thinking about upgrading your existing smoke detectors, combination units are the best way to go.

Feeling confident about your plan to tackle carbon monoxide in your home is important. Follow the advice put forth by carbon monoxide alarm manufacturers or visit First Alert to learn more.

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