Two Common Reasons Why Someone Calls for Water Heater Repair in Tulsa OK

Numerous kinds of problems can cause a need for Water Heater Repair in Tulsa OK. Weird noises and a lack of hot water are two of the more common reasons why someone calls a plumber for assistance. Plumbers repair both gas and electric models.

Unusual Noises

If the appliance makes noises like popping or even banging, the problem likely is due to sediment in the tank. Dissolved minerals in water can become trapped in the heater and build up as hard mineral scale. A plumber can drain and flush the appliance, and may need to thoroughly clean out the inside. The anode rod in the heater, which is intended to catch these minerals, may have become too full of scale to work properly. This component should be replaced.

Heating elements in an electric model may have scale buildup that cannot be removed. The classic symptom of this is a whining noise from the appliance. The plumber providing service for Water Heater Repair in Tulsa OK can replace these elements with new ones.

Overheating can also occur because of mineral buildup. This is a dangerous situation that should be addressed promptly. The symptom is a gurgling or rumbling sound, or even a sound like water boiling. Overheated water in the tank causes a pressure buildup that can cause an explosion. An electric heater is easy to shut off by switching off the circuit breaker to the appliance. A gas model is turned off by closing the dedicated gas valve on the line to the tank.

A Lack of Hot Water

Another common problem is no hot water or a sudden reduction in the amount of hot water available. With a gas appliance, the problem may be a dirty or worn-out burner. Servicing the appliance would either involve cleaning a dirty burner or replacing one that is cracked or otherwise deteriorated. With an electric model, the heating elements are the likely culprits, and they can be replaced.

These issues can be worrisome and frustrating. The household naturally wants to have the water heater working properly again as soon as possible. They can receive fast service from a company such as PlumbGenius. Anyone who needs to have this appliance serviced may visit the website to get started. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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