Tucson Leasing Services Help People Find New Homes

If you are seeking a home to rent in Tucson, especially a residence, it is often advantageous to go through a real estate management company. Normally, you will need a government-issued ID and your two most recent pay stubs to apply for housing.

What You Need When You Apply for a Rental Home

If you are self-employed, then property management and leasing companies usually require current bank statements from the last three months or two years of tax returns. It is also beneficial to provide landlord contact information, preferably for the past three years.

Also, a tenant who is seeking leasing services should be familiar with certain rental documents. Some of this legal paperwork includes the residential lease agreement, a disclosure form regarding lead-based paint, and move-in and move-out inspection checklists. A move-in checklist is used to identify any defects at the time of move-in. A tenant should take photos of any damage issues when he or she moves into a property and note it on the checklist too.

Needless to say, if you have gathered all the necessary information to apply, it makes it much easier for a Tucson Leasing Services Company to assist you in finding a rental property . For instance, you can rent a furnished elegant townhouse property in Tucson for around $1,500 per month if you have the above-mentioned paperwork. Properties of this type in the southwestern city normally feature three bedrooms and two baths and are located in the prestigious Foothills area.

Increase Your Rental Options

This type of property can only be obtained in most cases through leasing services in the city. So, if you are relocating or seeking a seasonal home, you will increase your rental opportunities by working with a property management and rental services firm.

Checking a Tenant’s Background

Property management companies that offer leasing services not only screen tenants but they also assist property owners in finding the best tenants. Screening and application processing includes checking a tenant’s credit and criminal background, conducting an eviction background screening, and verifying employment and housing.

So, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a win-win situation is created when you can use the services of a leasing service and property management firm.

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