Refinishing a Bathtub and Bathtub Repair in Chelsea, MI

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Plumbing

If your bathtub needs repairing, then your first instinct may be to skimp on hiring a professional and purchase a do-it-yourself kit. You should first consider the kind of bathtub repair that you need to make and why hiring a professional will ultimately be the best option for you.

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is a service that is part of bathtub repair in Chelsea, MI that you will be able to find. Howe Plumblic, LLC is skilled at several kinds of residential and commercial plumbing (visit the website to see more details). First, it is important to know what material your bathtub is made of. Most bathtubs are made of acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass. Some of these bathtubs may have some small chips or cracks on the surface; though it may seem like an easy task to complete yourself, your bathtub may actually be in need of an entire refinishing instead. Professionals will first prepare your bathroom by protecting it: they will normally lay down plastic sheets on the bathroom floor. Next, the entire bathtub is sanded down. This is done so that the new surfacing will be ready to adhere to the bathtub.

Minor Imperfections Repaired

Only at this point does the bathtub repair professional fix the small imperfections. These must be addressed first before the new surface is applied. This is why sanding is an important step. Not only does it smooth out the surface of the bathtub but it helps to expose the imperfections as well. Lastly, a primer, surface layer, and topcoat are applied. Depending on the company, several coats of the surface layer could be applied.

It’s Not Ready Yet!

The newly refinished bathtub will not be ready to use for another few days. Thanks to your bathroom repair professional, you now have a bathtub that will last you another good decade! Click here for more details.

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