Tramp Oil Separator: Protecting The Environment

If you operate a metalworking shop, chances are you utilize machine tools requiring coolants. If this is the case, you will require a tramp oil separator. It prevents the problem of tramp oil – also known as sump oil. This undesirable oil originates during the leakage of lubricant oil (aka coolant, cutting oil or metalworking fluid) from the slide-ways. It can also result when hydraulic oil leaks. If the problem is not controlled, serious environmental issues can and do occur.

The Problem of Tramp Oil

Tramp oil is a contaminant. It is also, potentially, an environmental pollutant. Failure to control tramp oil can result in

* Decreased coolant life

* Increased potential for the exposure of the machine operator to both odor and, more seriously, bacteria

* More time spent in disposing of the coolant

* Longer downtime for the machinery

By installing tramp oil separators, a machine shop can effectively eliminate these potentially costly problems.

What Tramp Oil Separators Do

Tramp oil separators serve the purpose of removing the harmful tramp oils from coolants. Depending upon the type of tramp oil separator, it may be effective against any of the following kinds of coolants:

* Oil-based coolants

* Semi-synthetic coolants

* Synthetic coolants

By installing the right model, companies can eradicate economically and very effectively the presence of tramp oils. As a result, they can extend the longevity of the coolant while decreasing the potential for environmental contamination. The ability to reduce this problem also decreases the economic costs associated with cleanup and removal post-contamination.

Tramp Oil Separator: An Affordable Solution

If your metalworking shop operates machine tools with tool sumps or central systems or even industrial washing machinery, you need to seriously consider installing tramp oil separators These devices are the most efficient, effective and affordable ways of removing dispersed, lightly mixed tramp oils. By doing so, a tramp oil separator acts to increase the longevity of the coolant fluids while decreasing the potential for costly environmental remediation.

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