An Overview Of A Coolant Filtration System

There are many different styles of coolant filtration system models on the market. Some are designed for use in smaller shops and facilities, while others are designed to handle large industrial machines with high volume production capacity.

Ideally, in most industrial machine tool systems across a shop or workplace, the same type of coolant will be in use. This is very practical and allows the same coolant filtration system to be moved between equipment and used continuously without the need to adjust for different clients.

As-Needed or Continuous Use

Different systems are designed to be used continuously or those that are used as-needed. Typically, the continual use systems can also be used for necessary filtration, but the reverse is not true. Smaller systems are not compatible with continual use, so they may be less cost-effective for a shop to consider.

The basic operation of the coolant filtration system is to receive the coolant and take it into a centralized filter system. There are different options in filters depending on the filtration needs. Oil and solid removal are done with a bag industrial coolant filter. This removes tramp oil from the coolants as well as any other oil or substances not chemically bonded to the coolant.

In addition to cleaning the coolant, the filtration system will also have clean coolant available for immediate replenishment of the machine tool sump. This eliminates downtime on the machine tool through piping that is run between the filtration system and the equipment.

Some of the top filtration systems also allow for automatic calculation of the correct mixture of coolant concentrate and water to maintain the necessary volume for immediate filling of any machine tool sump on the system.

The more automation and features offered on these coolant cleaning systems, the more the company will save over time. With significantly lower waste disposal costs of up to 90% as well as lower amounts of new coolant concentrate, these systems are able to pay for themselves in a short period of time.

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