Top Reasons To Use An Anderson Pressure Gauge

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

When there is a need for sanitary and industrial processing equipment, specific company and brand names will always be at the top of the list for quality and durability. This is certainly the case when it comes to the various Anderson pressure gauge models and options.

The Anderson Difference

Each Anderson pressure gauge is designed for a specific or general application. The company offers a variety of styles of gauges from their EL or extended life variety through to the ELH or extended life homogenizer gauge and transmitter combination.
There is also the EM, EN and EK models, each with different features, including the option to operate as both a digital pressure switch as well as a gauge. Easy to read and precise, these are often used when pressure is a critical factor and accuracy and resolution are essential to the process. These gauges, as with other models offered by the company, can be configured for alarms to immediately notify operators if pressures deviate outside of the pre-set limits.

Quality in Manufacturing

One very important benefit or top reason to select any of the Anderson pressure gauge models is the quality of manufacturing that is a focus for the company. These are the gauges that are designed to stand up to very demanding working conditions.

The gauges have been tested to tolerate specific processing issues include vibration, high and low humidity levels, washdown chemicals and procedures and when heat is a factor.

Different gauges also offer everything from hygienic fittings to different options in dial sizes of the analog models. These can range from the smaller 60mm sizes up to larger 120mm options, all with the fittings and configuration for mounting that make them ideal for many different applications.

With two year warranties and calibration stability for up to six months with normal operation, these are durable, reliable and highly precise gauges that are built with sanitary and industrial processing in mind.

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