Popular Amenities in a Hotel

When you are traveling, whether for business or pleasure, your hotel is your home away from home for that time. You of course want to be comfortable and enjoy yourself and many hotels in Irvine CA offer a range of popular amenities that help make guests more comfortable and that help make their stay better:

Concierge Desk– Many high-end hotels have designated staff who will help you with directions, find places to buy tickets for local attractions, answer questions you have about the area, and assist you any other way.

Valet Parking- Leave the hassle of finding a place to park and walk out to your car every day when you need to leave to the staff with valet parking; usually there is a small upcharge fee added for this service.

Room Service– Having something bought to your room is a great convenience service that many hotels in Irvine CA are starting to offer their visitors.

Wakeup Calls– Vital for the business trip or when a flight has to be caught early in the morning, a wakeup call by hotel staff helps ensure you are up and going in time.

Free Breakfast- Now at staple at many hotels, the free continental breakfast is a popular amenity many people, especially families, look for when booking a hotel.

Pool/Gym– Some hotels have special service such as a pool or gym that visitors can use during their stay; other similar perks include things like laundry services or conference centers.

Wi-Fi/Cable TV– Rooms today pretty much come standard with Wi-Fi ad cable TV as a free amenity so if a hotel does not offer this or tries to charge for it, do yourself a favor and look somewhere else.

In-Room Kitchen- Perfect for long stays where eating out all the time could get very costly, room with a kitchen set up, fridge, and microwave can be a real crowd-pleaser.

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