Top 3 Mistakes Travelers Make In The Vatican City

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Travel

A trip to Rome won’t be complete without paying a visit to the Vatican Museums. You can easily find your way to the smallest state in the world by going through St. Peter’s Square. Up ahead, you’ll see the façade of the St Peter’s Basilica, bastion of the Catholic faith. If you’ve always wanted to see Michaelangelo’s Pieta or the famous Sistine Chapel, put this on your list of must-see places.

Not Getting Advanced Tickets

One of the downside to going to a world famous site like this, though, is that you or your group won’t be the only one there. Expect a multitude of tourists. The Vatican City attracts thousands, if not millions, of travelers every year. So be prepared for the crowds.

Also, if you want to avoid the long lines at the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and of course, the Vatican, then you’d best get your tickets in advance, the Business Insider suggests. Buy them online. That way, you can bypass the insanely long queues. Otherwise, you’d have to spend an hour or two just to get inside. If you’re only in town for such a short while, queuing can be a sad waste of your time. You’ll probably spend a few euros more for the processing fee but it’ll be worth it, especially when you see the long lines you’ve bypass. Also, you get to pick a specific timeslot so you and your friends can easily plan other touristy activities or have more time for sight-seeing.

Not Enough Time

If you’re doing your own itinerary, make sure you give yourself enough time to see everything. Don’t rush. For instance, you’d think two hours is enough for the Vatican Tour, especially if you skip the long lines. However, with so many works of art to see, you might want to change that to four hours instead.

Not Getting Help

If you haven’t got time to prepare for your trip or simply want everything arranged for you, then hire a tour service. There are plenty of private tours in the Vatican City so you can pick which one works best for your budget and time. Without the hassle and stress of booking tours on your own, researching on transfers so you don’t miss the train or plane and getting lost for two hours trying to get back to the hotel, you’ll have a much better trip to remember.

With these tips, you can have more fun and less stress. So let these tips teach lasting lessons to you.

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