Tips On Selling Your Gold From A Gold Coins Buyer in Oklahoma City

Gold has always been considered a safe investment, and the forecast for gold prices in 2016 is mostly optimistic. Not only investors but collectors with a love for the precious metal are interested buyers. If you have gold jewelry or a collection of gold coins to sell, it’s worth doing a little research to make sure that you find the right buyer and get the best deal you can.

First of all, get an appraisal from an antique dealer or research coin prices. An estimate from a jeweler should be given free of charge. It’s important that you know what you have to sell; don’t depend on a dealer to tell you the quality of your goods.

Once you have a base price to work with, you can compare offers from various buyers. It is a good idea to get multiple bids from both physical and online sites. This can give you a better bargaining position and ensure that you get the best price you can.

Next, identify reputable dealers. If possible, start with a local buyer that has an established business and customers in your community. A buyer should be licensed to purchase gold in your state, and you can check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that there have been no complaints about the business. You definitely want to avoid a pop-up business that comes into town and sets up in a temporary space. These companies may underpay or never pay for the gold they buy before leaving town.

Prepare a complete inventory of your collection, whether jewelry or coins. An itemized list is easy to carry around, and a buyer can quickly tell you whether he or she is interested in seeing more or if her or she is not able take what you have at the moment. If you leave your inventory list, the buyer may contact you later on.

Document your gold by photographing each item before you leave it with a dealer. This is important if you’re selling your gold on consignment. Before leaving your gold with a dealer, make sure that you know the reimbursement policy in case of loss or damage.
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