Are Used Gemstones Sold to a Diamond Buyer in Edmond Ever Resold as New?

When someone contemplates bringing jewelry to a Diamond Buyer in Edmond in exchange for cash, this person may wonder what happens to items like used engagement rings and loose gemstones. It would seem that people would feel somewhat uncomfortable about buying a used engagement ring, but not everyone is.

Some individuals are more focused on frugality than making a romantic gesture. If they can get a used ring at a pawn shop for $200, why bother to spend 10 times that amount or even more?

More Acceptable Uses

There are other uses for these items that are more acceptable to consumers in general. This ensures that when someone buys a diamond ring at a jewelry store for a marriage proposal, the piece is brand new.

A Diamond Buyer in Edmond may sell jewelry pieces and loose stones to a dealer who, in turn, sells the items to jewelers for reuse. Loose diamonds and other gems can be turned into earrings and included in bracelets, for example.

The Typical Individual’s Collection

Many people don’t realize that they probably already have used diamonds or other gemstones in their jewelry collection that they acquired when purchasing or being given a new item. The stone may have been used in a different piece of jewelry, but the item itself is considered new even with a used stone.

Quality of Diamonds and Resale

Interestingly, lower-quality diamonds actually are often more in demand by dealers because they are easier to sell. A more upscale diamond will cost the dealer a large amount of money, and this individual may wind up holding the gem for much longer than he or she prefers while waiting for a suitable buyer. That ties up money that could be used in business.

When selling gemstones to a store such as Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers, the customer may envision those precious items winding up in jewelry that will be sold as brand new. They need to realize, however, that a stone must look pristine before it can pass the keen eye of a jeweler and justifiably be sold as new. There can be no scratches or other tiny flaws. Visit  to read about this particular organization.

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