Tips on How to Design Your Brand

For people to feel comfortable with your business, they need to visualize it. They need a physical picture or design that connects their mind to your business. The visuals that accompany the business are as outstanding as the products themselves. Designing your brand is an exciting step. You need a lot of creativity to ensure that it’s unique and accurately reflects your business.

Create a logo

Creating a logo is the first step in designing your brand. It’s the most crucial part of the design. While other parts of the designs may be only on specific products and places, the logo will go everywhere your business is. It may be the only thing that represents your business in some areas. For example, there’s the bitten apple of Apple. There are no names, taglines, or colors to tell you that it’s the company. However, people have become so used to it that their mind automatically thinks Apple product whenever they see that logo. That’s the goal that you should keep in mind while creating the logo. You must create a logo that’s unique, and people will be able to associate with you and your business.

Have a tagline

Taglines are usually catchy and short. They’re simple words that summarize your business’s mission statement or message. They don’t have to be full sentences. Think about other companies’ taglines like Nike’s “Just Do It” or even state signs. Marketing agencies in Orange County area came up with “Around the Corner, Ahead of the Curve” as a state slogan.

The tagline needs to be unique like the logo. You get a bonus point if it matches the logo. Don’t be afraid to make puns as long as they’re not overused ones or anything that will make people uncomfortable. You may need professionals to help you come up with something.

Develop a user-friendly web design

You need customers to visit your website. This website is a global entry to your business. You may need someone who knows web design to help you build the perfect website. You have to choose colors and fonts that go well with your business and your logo. Have a consistent layout. It needs to be user-friendly so that customers can easily navigate it. You need to have a right balance between words, picture, and graphs on your website. Too much of anything can drive the customers away.

Brandastic has teams of professional web designers, writers, and designers to help you better visualize your brand. You’ll always be in charge of your brand, but all businesses need outside help to make sure everything is professionally done.

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