Benefits of Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney, Find One in California

If the vehicle manufacturer didn’t repair your car after a particular number of attempts, your car could be considered a lemon. While every state has different laws, California requires that the manufacturer or dealer attempt to repair a problem under warranty two times or if the manufacturer has tried unsuccessfully to repair the same issue four times. Therefore, you can easily determine if you have a lemon on your hands, but the next step is knowing what to do about it.

Many people choose to hire a California lemon law attorney because these professionals know all the rules and regulations. They can help you file your claim, and help you get all the receipts and records necessary to file the claim. If the manufacturer refuses or tries to get you to settle out of court for less than what you deserve, they can help you get the restitution you need.

Legal Advice

Whether you’re an online surfer who can find anything or not, the steps to take and the emotional turmoil you face are two different things. Anyone can learn how to file a claim and most DMV websites can even give you the forms you need. However, you’re likely upset because you’re without a car after taking the time to find one you like. You also probably have a car payment for a vehicle you can’t even use. Therefore, it can be helpful to hire a lawyer who can give advice and keep your head straight when you’re upset. Plus, they can tell you if they think you’ve got a strong case.

A lemon law attorney can help you build your case so that it’s strong and you have a better chance of getting restitution. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® in California to request a free case review today.

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