Tips From The Experts In Industrial Product Design

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Injection Molding

It isn’t unusual for an OEM to turn to a contract manufacturing company to assist with part or all of the product design. With a top manufacturing company, the OEM’s drawing will also be reviewed by the internal designers, ensuring all required standards are met while also reviewing any potential challenges to manufacturing.

There are several important reasons for having any industrial product design reviewed by a fresh set of eyes is important. Having the contract manufacturing service involved throughout the in-house design phase can also be cost-effective and very valuable, with information about production, materials, and options presented at the right time in the process.

Understand the Goals

Often, particularly with a diverse team of designers, it can be easy to focus on details and features and overlook the overall goal for the product. By working with an experienced industrial product design team, the first step will be identifying the critical goals and functions of the product, then working with options and features.

It can also become an issue when too many diverse features and options are added to a design. In these cases, streamlining the design and bringing the function of the product back to the center of the design will be essential.

Work Early With Manufacturers

A very wise decision is to use the industrial product design team from the contract manufacturer you are using. This will ensure the design is geared towards cost-effective, simple and durable types of manufacturing processes.

When the manufacturer is not represented in the design phase, there may be design elements used in the drawing which are cost-prohibitive to produce or result in a less durable product.

Use Available Technology

Designers of industrial products will use the latest in technology to provide CAD/CAE drawings and models. Through technology, the designers can share, in real-time, information with the in-house design and engineering team.

This creates a seamless model for sharing information, confirming modifications to the design and getting started quickly on the project once approval is obtained.

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