Tips For Selecting A Company For Clean Room Assembly

Startup OEMs in the medical device, semiconductor, and other similar industries may require the services of a contract manufacturer that can offer clean room assembly services.

In most cases, the contract manufacturer will also produce the parts and components in the clean room, as well as manage the assembly and packaging processes to the specific industry standards required. As an OEM in these industries, finding a company offering clean room assembly service with a solid reputation for maintaining clean room protocols and providing parts and components that are of the highest quality is always a critical step.

History and Customer Base

The more extensive the experience or the history of the service offering clean room assembly, the easier it is for a startup OEM to partner with a company that knows the quality control and clean room standards and protocols required by the specific industry.

This is critical in the medical device manufacturing sector as well as in semiconductor manufacturing. Check the company’s background, years in the industry, as well as the types of customers they have as part of their base.

Class of Clean Room

For most types of medical devices, a specific class of clean room is required. The class of clean room is specific to the type of processes offered by the service provider. In most types of medical device assembly and manufacturing processes, a Class 7 clean room is required, and the facility should also be ISO certified and compliant to ensure full quality control.

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