Available Laser Cataract Surgery in Honolulu

There’s a growing number of people who need eye care with the rise of number among baby boomers who are getting to their golden years. Along with the physical challenges that come with age are the frequent incidences of cataracts that cloud elderly vision.

It used to be when cataracts are performed surgically by hand. It still does happen in many ophthalmologist clinics. In order to carry out their surgery, they’ll use metal surgical blades to cut incisions around your cornea in order to insert an instrument that’s used to cut the portion of your lens with cataract.

The laser cataract surgery foregoes the use of a live surgical blade and instead uses the precision of a laser to make pinpoint incisions on your cornea, making the procedure far safer and faster.

Moreover, the laser can also make light cutting grids on your lens with the cataract to weaken it for easier extraction.

Laser cataract surgery in Honolulu is now very much available as a regular clinic treatment.

When its time to extract the cataract in the traditional procedure, an ultrasound probe is inserted through the incisions made to weaken and break up the cataract lens before it is sucked out through the same tool.

Through laser cataract surgery, the grid made by the laser makes it easier for ultrasound extraction with far less energy required.

The result is a far safer and faster procedure for cataract surgery where you also benefit from the faster recovery.

If you’re curious to know more about laser cataract surgery in Honolulu, visit Docwong.net or give us a call at 594-9194.

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