Tips For Working With Slatwall Panels

Making the decision to choose aluminum slatwall panels for a display or storage area in a retail outlet or a commercial property is an investment which will last much longer than the alternative. The alternative, in this case, is to use any wood slat wall system, some which include a metal insert.

The problem with wood is that it is a high maintenance material. Wood will need to be painted and repaired as it can be easily gouged and damaged as hangers are moved about on the panels. Also, wood is a material that can be damaged by moisture, insects and even by hot or dry conditions.

On the other hand, aluminum slatwall panels are virtually indestructible. They are not damaged by exposure to humidity or moisture, and there are no insect issues to worry about. Aluminum is also naturally corrosion resistant, and this makes it a good option for storage of a wide range of products or items that would not be suitable for storage on wood.

Where to Place Slatwall Panels

Before ordering slatwall panels for a commercial or residential wall, it is important to consider the size of the area you wish to cover. Typically these panels are stackable, which means you can cover some or all of a wall, and they can be cut to the specific lengths you require.

Commonly for store displays slatwall panels may go from the floor up to the ceiling, or may be positioned about 3 to 4 feet up the wall to the ceiling. This is ideal as merchandise is in easy reach for adults standing in front of the area while allowing the higher levels for displays and demo types of product marketing.

Slatwall panels can also be used behind registers and counter areas for items commonly requested. With staggered types of baskets, shelving and graduated hanger fixtures all products are easily visible while still providing significant storage on a solid, reliable background.

The key to making the most of slatwall panels is to consider where you need the display or storage the most. Keep in mind display items can include shelves, baskets, slatwall hooks, and bins. For clothing items the waterfall arms, the staggered clothing display hooks, are very popular and used in virtually all types of clothing stores and for a wide variety of displays.

Choosing aluminum slatwall panels allows you the maximum in strength and options for retail display and storage.

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