Aluminum Flat Bar Applications and Uses

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Aluminum is produced in many shapes and sizes before becoming finished products. For example, aluminum can be turned into ingots, sheets, or a number of different shaped bars. However, aluminum flat bar has specific uses for industry and several benefits.

To say bars are used for a specific purpose would be a misnomer. For example, it depends on the alloy. When aluminum is mixed with certain metals, it becomes stronger, more flexible, conducts heat or electricity better, and resists corrosion.

2024 Bars
Rectangular shaped bars made from an alloy of 2024 are often used in the aerospace industry for frames and structures. Several qualities about 2024 alloy makes it highly desirable. For example:

* Non-magnetic – will not interfere with onboard electronics. This is an important feature, as many kinds of modern and sophisticated flight equipment are highly sensitive.

* Heat treatable – when heat treatment is applied, the alloy increases in strength significantly.

* Often used for wheels, bolts, and gear shafts

Manifold Style Aluminum Flat Bar
ACC-U-BAR is a Kasier Select manifold bar made by Kaiser Aluminum, and is made by extrusion for very high speed machining applications. ACC-U-BAR provides a big advantage over most types of bars. It is often called manifold bar because of its quality. In fact, ACC-U-BAR has become the standard for manifold production applications. The big advantage this product provides is the ability to machine to extremely close tolerances, making it excellent for applications needing cuts to .005 of an inch.

Manifold bars are available in rectangular and square shapes, and provide a number of benefits to business, such as:
* Better cleanup

* Less setup time

* Less machine forces required

You can find manifold bars in a number of applications, including:

* Hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds

* Telecommunications

* Equipment and machinery

* Hydraulic power applications

6061 alloy manifold bar meets the standard industrial specifications for AL 6061. Alloy selections include:
T6511 (6061) – excellent for aircraft construction and very large parts, due to its high strength.
T6511H (6061) – “H” tempered alloys are specifically designed for applications requiring the finest machining and for applications where tight tolerances are mandatory. “H” has a ten percent elongation, 42 ksi tensile strength, and 38 ksi yield.
6082-T6 – has the most strength to weight of all the 6000 series alloys. 6082 sees frequent use for machining.
Aluminum flat bar is available in many different shapes and alloys. To find the best material for your company, choose a provider specializing in aluminum products with many years of successful service.

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