Tips for Weed Control in Spokane

Nobody wants their yard or garden to be filled with weeds. However, it can be quite time-consuming to keep these weeds away. This is why people often hire services for Weed Control in Spokane. There are a number of different methods for limiting weeds.

Preventing Them

Detecting any weeds right away and removing them will help to prevent a large infestation. Also, minimizing any disturbing of the ground can help limit the spread of weeds, as this keeps many weed seeds buried too deeply to be able to grow. Once the ground is disturbed, these seeds rise closer to the sun so they can start to grow.

Using Chemicals

While it’s nice to be able to avoid using harmful chemicals, these are one way to prevent weeds and get rid of any that are already there. However, using the wrong type of chemicals or applying them incorrectly could make them ineffectual or damage plants that you actually want. A professional company that deals with Weed Control in Spokane may be the best option for getting chemicals applied, as they have the knowledge and skill to do so effectively.

Using Other Plants

Weeds can’t grow if there isn’t space, so filling up empty places with plants that you actually want can help limit the growth of new weeds. Plant these plants as soon as possible after disturbing the soil to make weed infestations less likely.

Removing Weeds

Though it takes the most time and effort, pulling weeds out or digging them out by hand is one of the effective ways to get rid of weeds, especially when there aren’t a lot of them yet. If it isn’t feasible to pull them out, taking off the heads of the plants can help, as can destroying the roots by cutting them with a spade or knife. It’s best to weed when the ground is wet so the plants can be more easily pulled.

Use Mulch
Covering any areas where you don’t want weeds to grow with mulch deprives them of the access to the sun that’s necessary for them to grow. Even better, put a sheet of cardboard or a biodegradable fabric down first to further limit light.

Spokane Pro Care can help with all of your weed control needs. They also provide tree services, pest control services and snow and ice removal services.

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