Dental Offices in Austin TX Provide Recommendations on Care for the Youngest Patients

When someone becomes a parent for the first time, new considerations develop in regard to family dental care. This individual may have been accustomed to having routine checkups and professional teeth cleaning, but a small child may have additional dental needs. Youngsters are more prone to cavities than adults are, so Dental Offices in Austin TX may recommend services such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants to protect the teeth. Children also are more prone to unfortunate incidents involving the teeth. They are significantly more likely than adults to have a tooth knocked out or to have one struck hard enough to damage the nerve, causing a need for root canal therapy if this happens to a permanent tooth.

Dental Offices in Austin TX recommend bringing children in around their first birthday, which usually is about six months after the first tooth appears. Afterward, twice-yearly checkups and cleanings are recommended, although many parents still keep a more traditional schedule of one appointment per year. That is acceptable as long as the child does not experience problems with cavities or other oral health issues. Parents must be responsible for brushing the child’s teeth until the youngster is old enough to have mastered the fine motor skills necessary for doing a thorough job. Children usually take over the hygiene task around the age of five. Parents should continue to monitor the child’s brushing behavior, at least discreetly. Kids are known for pretending to brush and not actually bothering to do so. They also may avoid flossing even after being informed of how important this activity is.

Although the first set of teeth is not permanent, and those teeth will begin to fall out at an early age, it’s still crucial to keep the teeth healthy. Tooth decay can cause pain and it can spread to adjacent teeth, resulting in further problems. Extensive decay can even spread bacteria to the permanent teeth below and cause damage. A dentist such as Stevan Koprivnik and the staff members at the clinic help the entire family keep their teeth and gums healthy. Click here for details on this particular dental practice.

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