Tips for Spring Landscaping in Boston

After a long winter, most Bostonians are more than ready for spring. Property owners throughout the area are finally beginning to head outside and see what kind of catching up they have to do, which is great because early spring is the best time to make changes to landscaping in Boston. Read on to find a few tips that will help to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

Choose the Right Plants

Now that the soil is warming up, it’s time to start thinking about putting in new shrubs, flowers, and other annual and perennial plants. Don’t just choose anything that looks like it would be pretty in a particular location, though. Choosing the right plants for the climate, soil type, and surrounding features actually takes a good deal of practical and theoretical knowledge, so take the time to do plenty of research.

Choose the Right Fertilizer

Even if property owners aren’t planning on making any major changes to the layout of their landscapes, they should still choose inputs carefully. Different fertilizers provide different levels of essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium and affect soil pH differently. Don’t just switch to a new type of fertilizer without first evaluating its chemical composition and determining whether it will be a good mix for the particular plants incorporated into the home’s existing landscape.

Choose the Right Weed Control Methods

It used to be the case that homeowners across the country would dump a lot of chemical herbicides onto their lawns and into their gardens with no regard for the environmental impact it might have on the surrounding ecosystem. Thankfully, today’s property owners tend to be a little bit more conscientious. Those who haven’t yet made the switch to organic products should start doing research into more holistic approaches for weed control in advance since there are a lot of options available.

Know When to Hire a Professional

It may be obvious by now that creating and maintaining the perfect landscape takes a good deal of time, energy, and expertise. Whether homeowners don’t have the practical, hands-on experience required to ensure that their yards will look great or they just don’t have the time for landscaping in Boston, there’s no shame in calling in some professional help. Schedule an appointment to discuss options today.

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